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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Frequently asked questions about the laws and procedures associated with sexual harassment prevention training in the state of Illinois
What is Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?
Every employer with employees working in Illinois is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training on an annual basis that complies with Section 2-109 of the Illinois Human Rights Act (IHRA).
Do these training materials comply with Illinois law?
Yes. Our presentation materials have been modeled after the sexual harassment prevention training materials developed by the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR).
Is the standard for the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training the same for all business in Illinois?
No. Illinois restaurants and bars are required to provide additional supplemental sexual harassment prevention training that complies with Section 2-110 of the IHRA. Our program can be used by the majority of businesses, most of which only need to administer sexual harassment prevention training that complies with Section 2-109 of the IHRA.
What must be covered in the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to comply with Illinois law?
For businesses that are not bars and restaurants, sexual harassment prevention training must include the standards outlined in section 2-109(B) of the IHRA:
an explanation of sexual harassment consistent with the Illinois Human Rights Act;
examples of conduct that may constitute unlawful sexual harassment;
a summary of Federal and State statutory laws concerning sexual harassment including remedies available to victims; and
a summary of employer responsibilities in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment.
What is the minimum number of employees that employers must have to comply with the Illinois Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?
Employers who have 1 or more employees must provide a sexual harassment prevention training.
Are employers required to train short-term employees, part-time employees, or interns?
Yes, all employees must be trained regardless of their status.
Are employers required to train independent contractors?
It is strongly advised that independent contractors receive training if they are working on-site at an employer’s workplace or if they interact with the employer’s staff.
How does the training requirement apply to employees and employers based outside of Illinois?
Any employees who work or will work in Illinois must be trained, regardless of whether the employer is based in Illinois. If an employee is based elsewhere but regularly interacts with employees based in Illinois, the former employee should be trained even if they are not physically present in Illinois.
If my employee has been trained elsewhere or at their prior employer, do I need to provide additional training?
Employers are advised to retrain new employees regardless of whether the employee received the required training at a prior employment or not.
If employees have multiple jobs in the state of Illinois, do they have to be trained at every place of employment?
No. Employees need only provide proof that they completed one sexual harassment training program over the course of a year.
Can an employer require its employee to take the training outside of work?
Employees must be paid for the time they spend on sexual harassment prevention training.
What is the deadline to administer Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to employees?
Employers are required to train every employee each calendar year by December 31.
What documentation is an employer required to maintain regarding the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?
Employers are required to keep a record of all trainings so they can be made available for inspection upon request by state agencies. This record can be a certificate, a signed employee acknowledgement, or a course sign-in sheet. The records may be paper or electronic. Our program includes a sign-able certificate that fulfills this requirement.
I have employees who are differently abled or have limited English proficiency. Does the training have to be accessible?
Yes. Employers must provide the training in a way that is understandable and accessible to employees.
Our program is customizable and can be altered to fit the learning needs of your employees.
What’s included in the training materials?
Training materials include a 15-minute presentation video, a slide deck, a 15-question quiz, and a training completion certificate (to be signed by the employee).
How should I administer the training materials?
The presentation can be administered in two ways: either presented in person using our slide deck, or virtually using our narrated video. The presentation will be followed by a 15-question quiz, which each employee should take and pass with 100%. When the 15-question quiz is complete, the employee can receive and sign a training completion certificate, a copy of which will be kept by the employer for record-keeping purposes.
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