Account Management Process

we’re about to hire an account manager. this document is to help them organize their first 3 months at Manifest.
This document provides an overview of the account management process with a new employer.
First, we outline the responsibilities of the account manager, and then we describe the touchpoints with the employer that cover each of the responsibilities.
The purpose of this document is to provide a process that will support the employer before, during, and after launch of Manifest. This involves helping the employer setup their account with Manifest, preparing for launch, and maintaining the employer’s account after Manifest has launched with their employees.

Onboarding the first 3 w
There is a 3 week window between onboarding and going live, during that period of time. It is super important that our account manager builds a close relationship with our client.
Tenet first (differentiate differently)
What happens when theres an issue e.g., not enough engagement
dashboard should create conversations whether positive or negative
account manager always has the right to create custom materials, order materials, ship materials.
Client satisfaction
we want employers to get on the paid plan
how many employees are using manifest

Account Manager’s Responsibilities
In order for our employer to get started with Manifest, there are certain pieces of information (e.g., plan information, employee details) that our employer needs to provide. We want to support the employers we work with in finding that information. Any questions they have along the way related to setting up their account, the account manager should always be able to provide guidance.
The launch with the employer is an important milestone we work towards with the employer. What does launch mean? For the employer, it means that they need to send an email out to their employees letting them know about their new perk, Manifest. For Manifest, launch means that the employer’s custom Manifest URL is live and ready to be used. The account manager will be the one to provide any help the employer needs to send out the launch email.
Once launch has happened, one of the main things we want to focus on is reducing churn. We plan for the account manager to send out quarterly reports to the employer, highlighting Manifest’s impact so that there’s always an easy way for them to communicate Manifest’s value.
Our conversion rate is a factor the account manager can help increase. It’s important that we engage as many employees as we can so that we can show the impact we’re making to the employer. The account manager will work with the employer to help them engage their employees about Manifest.
The Manifest sales team has just landed a new mid-sized employer. The sales team has been communicating with Christina, whose role at the employer involves managing the benefits they offer. She receives a link from the sales team to the Manifest Employer App and starts setting up her employer’s account with Manifest. What happens next?

Email: Sales Handover Email
This email is sent at the end of the sales process to let Christina know how to start setting up her employer’s account. This email also serves as a warm introduction to her account manager. We let her know that her account manager is the person she should reach out to if she has any questions throughout the process of setting up her account.
Email Template
Hi Christina,
Great speaking with you and your team! I’m very excited to kick off our partnership.
We tried to make onboarding () as simple as possible. Please use this link to set up -
If you have any questions about setting up your account, please email your Account Manager Meenakshi Lakshaman at and she’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Excited to kick things off and help maximize your teammates retirement outcomes together!
Email: Account Manager Intro
After the sales handover email, the account manager will reach out to Christina and formally introduce herself as the account manager and prompt Christina to setup her employer’s account.
Email Template
Hi Christina,
Great to meet you - welcome to Manifest! As your account manager, I'll be your main point of contact for any questions regarding your employer’s Manifest account.
As Anuraag mentioned, the next step is to setup your account using this link:
If you have any questions throughout the process, just reach out to me.
I’m looking forward to working together!
Employer App
After Christina sets up her Employer’s Manifest account, she is prompted to schedule a meeting with her Account Manager. We want to let Christina know that any questions she has will be answered by her Account Manager. Her Account Manager is the person that will guide her through the next steps.
Your launch details.png
Email: Pre-Launch Meeting Confirmation
Christina will receive an automatic email from Calendly once she schedules the meeting with her account manager in the employer app. The email describes what will be discussed in the upcoming meeting, and also prompts her to schedule a check-in meeting after launch.
Email Template
Hi Christina,
Thanks for scheduling the meeting! Here’s what to expect next:
Our Upcoming Meeting
We will review the launch process in detail
I will provide an outline of what will happen post-launch so that you can stay up to date with Manifest’s impact on your plan and participants
Schedule Your Post-Launch Check-In Meeting
After the launch I’ll check-in with you on how it went. Setup a time here:
[Insert Calendly]
Let me know if you have any questions!
Meeting: Pre-Launch
The goal of this meeting is to go over how launch works with Manifest and explain what the Employer will need to do. Since we received the Employer’s plan/participant info already at this point (from the Employer App), we also want to take this opportunity to review it and make sure everything is accurate prior to the launch.
We need to make sure the employer’s plan information is accurate in order for us to effectively facilitate transfers.
We need to make sure the participant info includes all the details we need (first name and email) so that we can reach out to the employees about Manifest.

Meeting Agenda
Uploaded Documents: Review participant info and plan info
ask any clarifying questions about transfers into/out of the plan
ask any questions about the participant list
if wrong documents were uploaded, guide them to find the right one
Launch Details: Go over how launch works with Manifest, what “launch” means
Launch date is the day Manifest goes live with your employees, meaning they can use it through the custom URL
On the launch day, you will let your participants know about Manifest through an email
We have an email template you can use, check the Employer App resources section for the email template (perhaps walk Christina through the process)
Let Christina know about where to find her custom URL
Next Steps
I’ll email a status update a week after launch
From there you will get quarterly reports from us
Always reach out to me if you have any questions about your employer’s account or any product-related questions
Let them know that they’ll need to update participant info every quarter
Ask to schedule Post-Launch meeting if it has not been scheduled
Email: Pre-Launch Reminder
The account manager will email Christina a day before the set launch date. The purpose of this email is to remind her to send the launch email.
Email Template
Hi Christina,
We are all set for [Employer name’s] launch with Manifest tomorrow! After you send the launch email to your participants, Manifest will start compiling information to share with you a week after launch.
As a reminder, you can find the launch email template in the under the Resources tab.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Meeting: Post-Launch
The purpose of this meeting is to give the Employer a sense of how Manifest is doing so far. We also want to use this meeting to discuss how we can help the Employer engage their participants to take advantage of Manifest.
Meeting Agenda
Basic Stats: Provide a couple stats on Manifest’s impact so far
e.g., total consolidated assets
Understand the Employer: Figure out what method of engagement would be best for the Employer
Get a better understanding of their company organization
How does the company currently communicate about benefits?
e.g., welcome/termination packets, webinar, benefits fair
Participant Engagement: How can we help you engage your participants to use Manifest?
Go through our resource library to give a sense of the different options we offer
Next Steps
Discuss how we’ll execute on the selected marketing options for the Employer (mailing, scheduling)
Solidify next steps for the employer
Setup next meeting (3-4 months out)
At the end of this meeting we will ask the employer to schedule the next meeting 3-4 months out. During the following meeting (3-4 months out), the meeting agenda will also involve communicating Manifest’s impact and helping the employer facilitate employee engagement with Manifest.

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