Business game

Garbage — waste material or unwanted things that you throw away
CEO (chief executing officer) — the highest rank in the company
Production — the process of making or growing goods to be sold
Advertising — the business of persuading people to buy products produced by the company
Profitable — that makes or is likely to make money
Competitor — a person, product, company, etc. that is trying to compete with others, for example, by trying to make bigger sales in a particular market
Ambassador — a person who represents and promotes a company or brand
Distribution — the process of transporting products from a manufacturer, storing them, and selling them to different stores and customers
In demand — goods or services that are wanted by a lot of customers
To sew (sewed, sewn) — to make a piece of clothing by joining pieces of cloth together by putting thread through them with a needle
Batch — an amount of goods produced at one time
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