Word sets for the week 31/01 - 06/02

Monday 31.01
16:00 Make Up with Mariia: New makeup trend challenge
18:00 Unbelievable History with Uros: History of Luxury
19:00 Lighthouse - Inside the Museum and View of the Lighthouse with Sauri live
22:00 Find Out More About Music with Wesley: Vote the best song of the 60s
Tuesday 01.02
11:00 D`anna knows how to make your day better: How to dominate this year
12:00 Online walking tour Kyiv with Viktoria: St.Sophia cathedral live
15:00 Online Walking Tour with Mateja live: Socialism in Yugoslavia or Jewish Heritage
17:00 Movie Review with Uros: Yugoslavian
18:00 How Does Your Brain Work? Find Out with Marney: Imagination in the brain
19:00 Wine tasting with Nika: Pairing wine and food: art and science
Wednesday 02.02
11:00 Build Your Confidence with Nina: Persistence
16:00 Build Your Career with Brenda: Marketing
17:00 Wellness with Lynn: Immune health to the Max: starts with good nutrition and…can supplements help?
19:00 Art spaces around the world with Dasha
19:00 Excursion in Padova (Italy) with Flavio: Italian coffee culture live
20:00 Get to know South African wildlife with Corrie
22:00 City travel with agent Wes
Thursday 03.02
11:00 D`anna Knows How to Make Your Day Better: Brilliant habits you can start in 2022
14:00 Online Walking Tour of Porto Portugal with Claudia live: Priests, prisoners and Potter
19:00 Deep dive with Rick "Paradise By The Dashboard Lights" by Meat Loaf
20:00 What does it take to be an entrepreneur? with Serge
21:00 Bilingualism Mustafa
Friday 04.02
14:00 Improving Social Skills and Being More Social with David
17:00 Amazing World Of Wonders: The top ancient countries that no longer exist Part 2
18:00 Online Walking Tour Edinburgh with Paul: Discover the Harry Potter World live
19:00 Smart wars Quiz with Gary
20:00 Build Your Confidence with Nina: The art of asking questions
Saturday 05.02
10:00 Farm tour of llamas with Noeline
14:00 Social media content creation with Polina
Sunday 06.02
12:00 Online Walking Tour of Paphos (Cyprus) with Marney: Tala Monastery Cat Park
15:00 Movies – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) with Nevena
19:00 Cooking with Nelli Traditional Hungarian Goulashsoup - my family recipe
22:00 Find Out More About Music with Wesley: Adele
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