Word sets for the week 11/29 - 12/05

Monday 29.11
🏅Pilates with Inna at 11.00
✈️ Walking tour in Moscow with Tanya Tverskaya street at 15:00
⚡️Unbelievable history with Uros at 18.00
🚑 Learn more about first aid with Amy at 20:00
Tuesday 30.11
Yogyakarta city tour Malioboro street with Muchlas at 10:00
D`anna knows how to make your day better at 11.00
Stylish Insights with Tessa (dress for your body shape) at 16.00
Movie review with Uros at 17:00
How does your brain work? Find out with Marney: brain on substance at 18.00
Plot twist with Nevena at 20:00
Wednesday 01.12
Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda at 09:00
Build your confidence with Nina at 11.00
Excursion in Padova (Italy) with Flavio at 19.00
Endurance Mountain Biking with Corrie at 20.00
Discuss football with Wesley at 22.00
Thursday 02.12
D`anna knows how to make your day better at 11.00
Coffee with a busy mom Agnes at 14:00
Friday 03.12
Good Reasons to Work Hard and Achieve Success with David at 14:00
Oslo Christmas vibes tour with Diana at 15.00
Stylish Insights with Tessa( winter essentials) at 16.00
Smart Wars quiz with Gary at 18:00
Cooking with a professional from India Monty at 20:00
Saturday 04.12
Coffee with a busy mom Agnes at 14:00
Sunday 05.12
Rise, shine and cook with Alex at 12:00
Time travel (part 1) with Nevena at 15:00
Cooking with Patrizia at 20.00
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