Word sets for the week 24/01 - 30/01

Monday 24.01
17:00 An Inside look at New York Life with Charles: True or False game about NY
18:00 Unbelievable History with Uros: History of Food and Cuisine
22:00 Find Out More About Music with Wesley: AC/DC The History
Tuesday 25.01
11:00 D`anna Knows How to Make Your Day better: Can I be my own life-couch? Train your mind
12:00 Home Office Healthy Habits with Vita
14:00 Social Media vs Society with Polina
15:00 Online Walking Tour with Mateja live: Masterpieces of Architect Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana
18:00 How Does Your Brain Work? Find Out with Marney: Neuroscience of Early Life
19:00 Amsterdam locals interviewed by Louka
21:00 Unraveling the Historical Layers of Beirut: All about the French Mandate in Beirut
Wednesday 26.01
11:00 Build Your Confidence with Nina: Get back up
16:00 Build Your Career with Brenda: Goal setting
22:00 Find Out More About Music with Wesley: Keep The Faith with Bon Jovi
Thursday 27.01
11:00 D`anna Knows How to Make Your Day Better: Hack your behavior
16:00 Walking Tour with Anita live: ZADAR TOUR - PART 1 (50 min)
20:00 What does it take to be an entrepreneur? with Serge
Friday 28.01
14:00 Improving Social Skills and Being More Social with David
17:00 Amazing World Of Wonders: The top ancient countries that no longer exist Part 1
18:00 Online Walking Tour Edinburgh with Paul: Discover Edinburgh Old Town live
20:00 Build Your Confidence with Nina: Interview preparation 2
22:00 Life Bar with Wesley and Uros
Saturday 29.01
19:00 Enneagram Personality Types with Corrie: Let us discover Type 8 & Type 9, Their Wings as well as SubTypes
Sunday 30.01
11:00 Online Walking Tour of Paphos (Cyprus) with Marney: Local winery boutique
14:00 Nelli’s mushroom soup with Nelli
15:00 Movie Moon - Allegory rather than futurism with Nevena
18:00 Imbar: Disability in media

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