Word sets for the week 13/12 - 19/12

Monday 13.12
Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda: self-confidence at 09:00
Build your confidence with Nina (The science of Sound) at 11.00
Painting with Heather at 16.00
An inside look at New York life with Charles (Health care system in New York and America) at 17:00
Unbelievable history with Uros (Greek and Roman Mythology) at 18.00
Tuesday 14.12
Online Walking Tour of Kyiv live at 12:00
Stylish Insights with Tessa (How to pick the right hairstyle and hair color) at 16.00
How does your brain work? Find out with Marney (Altered States of Consciousness) at 18.00
Wednesday 15.12
The Art of Photography with Vlada (Lightroom for mobile phone) at 14:00
Walking tour in Moscow with Tanya (Danilovsky market) at 16:00
Easy cooking secrets with Rebecca: (Milk Tart) at 17:00
Thursday 16.12
Walking tour in Ohrid, Macedonia with Apostolis at 15:00
Become an actor with David (Improving with Improv) at 17:00
Friday 17.12
How to Have Fun At Work and Why It's Important with David at 14:00
Stylish Insights with Tessa (Makeup styles and makeup etiquette) at 16.00
The world is amazing, learn more with Tanya ( The top mysterious countries of the world) at 17.00
Saturday 18.12
Online Walking Tour of Venice with Vanessa (Street art and graffiti tour of Lima: this tour is about Street art and modern culture) live at 19:00
Sunday 19.12
Armageddon - Fear not! Bruce Willis is here to save us with Nevena at 15:00

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