Word sets for the week 07/02 - 13/02

Monday 07.02
09:00 Morning Coffee with the Life Coach Ayanda
17:00 Philosophy of yoga with Jessica
18:00 Unbelievable History with Uros: History of Medicine
19:00 Show And Tell with Rick: favorite songs
21:00 Excursion Black History in Bahia with Sauri
22:00 Find Out More About Music with Wesley: Best song of the 70s
Tuesday 08.02
11:00 D`anna knows how to make your day better: What to do when life feels like everything is not working
12:00 Vita: Home Office Healthy Habits
15:00 Online Walking Tour with Mateja live: Slovenia one of the youngest countries in Europe- that is about the language history
17:00 Movie Review with Uros: Guy Ritchie movies
18:00 How Does Your Brain Work? Find Out with Marney: What's the Science Behind Introverts
21:00 The War that Tore Beirut for 15 Years with Samira
Wednesday 09.02
11:00 Build Your Confidence with Nina: Controlling your tongue
15:00 Walking Tour with Anita live: Sibenik - the first Croatian native city
17:00 Wellness with Lynn. Nutrient Super Star: All about vitamin D
19:00 Excursion in Padova (Italy) with Flavio POPULAR SPORTS in VENETO region live
20:00 Sharks of South Africa with Corrie
22:00 Find Out More About Music with Wesley: Nirvana
Thursday 10.02
11:00 D`anna Knows How to Make Your Day Better: How to organize your life - creating routine
14:00 Online Walking Tour of Porto Portugal with Claudia live: area of Porto known as Ribeira
19:00 Amsterdam locals interviewed by Louka: 3d printings of superheroes
20:00 Finnish Stories. SnowVillage: a guided tour through the ice hotel
Friday 11.02
12:00 Online walking tour Kyiv with Viktoria
14:00 Asking Great Questions & Being Good At
15:00 Walking Tour in Ohrid, Macedonia with Apostolis live: Bazar
17:00 Amazing World Of Wonders: 9 countries that ceased to exist in the 20th century
18:00 Online Walking Tour Edinburgh with Paul. A different side of Edinburgh: Good, Bad and Ugly
20:00 Build Your Confidence with Nina: The art of asking questions
22:00 Life Bar with Wesley and Uros: Women drinking preferences
Saturday 12.02
21:00 Why do we need social media presence? with Polina
Sunday 13.02
12:00 Online Walking Tour of Paphos (Cyprus) with Marney: Anti-gravity Hill and spill water backward
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