Word sets for the week 06/12 - 12/12

Monday 06.12
Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda at 09:00
Work from home tips with Vitalia at 14.00
Unbelievable history with Uros (History of Human Rights) at 18.00
Easy cooking secrets with Rebecca: (South African Frikkadel) at 19:00
Discuss football with Wesley (Champions League Football) at 20.00
Tuesday 07.12
The Moscow Metro history with Tanya at 15:00
Movie review with Uros (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Gone with the wind, Eyes wide shut) at 17:00
How does your brain work? Find out with Marney (Creativity and Flow States in the Brain) at 18.00
Psychology with Gordana (Panic attacks) at 21:00
Wednesday 08.12
Build your confidence with Nina ( How to seem more confident) at 11.00
Learn more about Enneagram of Personality with Corrie at 20.00
Thursday 09.12
Wine tasting with Nika at 17:00
Read Between the Lines with Amy “The monk who sold his Ferrari” at 18:00
Deep dive with Rick (Venus In Furs - The Velvet Underground) at 19:00
Friday 10.12
Walking tour in Jaipur India with Puneet (live suburb town of Amer, quietly settled in the Aravali Hills) at 12:00
Online Walking Tour Ecuador with Stefy live at 19.00
Build your confidence with Nina (Why you should keep your goals to yourself) at 22.00
Saturday 11.12
Online Walking Tour of Venice at 12:00
Cooking with Nelli (Mushroom stew with Rizi-bizi) at 13:00
Sunday 12.12
Online Walking Tour of Kyiv live (Old Town of Kyiv - a spiritual center of the city) at 11:00
Rise, shine and cook with Alex (ROASTED CRISPY CHICKPEAS) at 12:00
Time travel (part 2) with Nevena: The Avengers, Loki at 15:00
Cooking with Indian chef Monty (Gobi Mutter Masala & Coriander Chutney) at 19:00
Online tour Bogota Colombia live (Bogota city center) at 20:00

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