Traditional Hungarian Goulashsoup

0,5 kg pork
2 big white onions
2 Hungarian TV paprika
3 medium-size carrots
2 smaller parsley roots
3 big potatoes
1 tomato
caraway seed
bay leaf
red mild paprika powder
sunflower or canola oil

Pork, not too lean parts, we need the fatter parts for the taste and the fat-looking parts will disappear while cooking. Good is e.g. thigh, shoulder). In case you wish to prepare it with beef, you will just need to cook it longer
Hungarian TV paprika. If you can’t find these, get the banana pepper, if you cannot get that either then take 1 big size yellow California bell pepper, but please scald and peel it before
Red mild paprika powder (if possible the Hungarian sweet one)
Don`t use olive oil, the taste is too strong for this dish

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