The Not-So-Scary 2021 Halloween Insights

— the day or evening before an event, especially a religious festival or holiday
Trick or treat
— something that children say on Halloween (= a holiday on 31 October), when they dress to look frightening and visit people's houses to ask for sweets
— a type of tall tent like a cone in shape, used by native North American peoples of the Plains and Great Lakes regions
— covered with paper or other material
— an instrument that is used for removing hair by shaving
— a small thin piece of steel that you use for sewing, with a point at one end and a hole for the thread at the other
— an object or a pattern made by cutting away material from a piece of wood or stone, or another hard material
Haunted house
— a house with a lot of scary creatures (monsters, ghosts, zombies etc.)
Bobbing apples
— is a game played on Halloween. People try to catch apples, which float in a big tub, with their teeth
Trunk or treating
— is a type of trick-or-treating activity. Parents decorate their cars for Halloween in a parking lot, put a lot of sweets into their cars and welcome children to take them

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