Tawa Chicken Curry

Ghee - melted butter made from the milk of a cow or buffalo, used in Indian cooking
Serrano pepper - type of chili that originated in the highlands of the Mexican states of Puebla and Hidalgo
Turmeric powder - a yellow powder used to give a special colour or taste to food, especially curry
Coriander - a herb, used especially in Asian and Mexican cooking
Сumin - a spice that consists of the seeds of a plant that have pleasant smell
Cayenne pepper - the red powder made from a pepper that has a very hot taste
Kashmiri red chilli - the red powder made from a pepper that can be used instead of cayenne pepper if you want the dish be less hot
Garam masala - a mixture of spices which gives a hot taste to food, used especially in Indian cooking
Cilantro - the leaves of the coriander plant
Green chilli - immature chilli pepper that was picked up before ripening
Ginger - the spicy root of a tropical plant with a very strong hot taste
Garlic - a plant like a small onion, used in cooking to give a strong taste
Teaspoon (TSP) - a small spoon that you use for mixing sugar into tea and coffee
Tablespoon (TBSP) - a large spoon used for serving food
Boneless - without bones inside
Bone-in - with bones inside
Gash - a long deep cut
Garnishing - something that was added to the food in order to decorate it
To mince - to cut food into very small pieces
To marinate - to put meat into a mixture of oil, vinegar or something else with spices in order to make it softer

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