Tagliatelles with Fresh Tomatoes Sauce

Ground — crushed into very small pieces or powder for cooking
Reground — crushed into very small pieces or powder for cooking again
Semolina — a powder made from wheat, used for making pasta, sweet dishes, and breakfast food
Dust — to cover food with a powder
Mature — having completed natural growth and development
Tablespoon (TBSP) — a large spoon that is often used to eat soup
Pinch — the small amount of something (usually food) that you can hold between your thumb and finger
Rolling pin -— a wooden or glass kitchen utensil (= a tool) in the shape of a tube, used for rolling pastry flat
Pan — a container, usually made of metal, with a handle or handles, used for cooking food in
Pot — a deep round container that is used to boil something like potatoes or pasta
Tagliatelle — a type of pasta made in a shape of long, flat strips
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