Sunny Yoga

asana — the pose or posture of yoga
spine — (backbone) the line of bones in your back which form a support structure of your body
chest — the part of the body, between the neck and the stomach
forearm — the part of the arm that is between the wrist and the elbow
palm — the inside part of the hand, between the wrist and the fingers
index finger — the finger next to the thumb that you use to point at something
pelvis — the set of bones at the lower end of the spine which attaches legs to the body
core muscles — the muscles of the lower back and stomach area which stabilize and move your spine
thigh — the part of the leg that is above the knee and below the hip
shin — the front part of the leg that is below the knee
calf — the back part of the leg between the knee and the foot
ankle — the place above the foot where the foot and the leg are connected
big toe — the largest toe
heel — the back part of the foot that has a rounded shape
to bend — to move your back or any other part of the body in a way it is not straight
to breathe in/out — to fill the lungs with air/ move air out of the lungs
to lift up — to move something to a higher position
to drop — to move something to a lower position
to stretch — to pull the parts of the body (often arms and legs) so that they are as long as possible, to exercise muscles
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