Stylish Insights (wl)

Beanie — a small, round close-fitting hat
Glove — a piece of clothing for the hand, made of wool, leather, etc. with separate parts for each finger and the thumb
Fleece — a type of soft warm cloth that feels like sheep’s wool; a jacket or sweatshirt that is made from this cloth
Mittens — a type of glove that covers the four fingers together and the thumb separately
Scarf — a piece of cloth that is worn around the neck or over the hair or shoulders, for example to keep warm or for decoration
Sock — a piece of clothing that is worn over the foot, ankle and lower part of the leg, especially inside a shoe
Coat — a piece of outdoor clothing that is worn over other clothes to keep warm or dry. Coats have sleeves (= parts covering the arms) and may be long or short.
Trench coat — a long, loose coat, worn especially to keep off rain, with a belt and pockets in the style of a military coat
Long-sleeved — having sleeves that reach to the wrist
Boot — a strong shoe that covers the foot and ankle and often the lower part of the leg
Earmuff — a pair of soft thick covers for the ears connected by a band across the top of the head, and worn to protect the ears, especially from cold
Cardigan — a jacket made of wool like a sweater but fastened with buttons down the front
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