Онлайн - прогулка по Венеции "St Mark's Square and it's Golden Basilica"

basilica - a church in the shape of a long room with a round end
cathedral - the largest and the most important church in the area
temple - a building where people go to pray
doge - the most important government official in an Italian city in the past
facade - the front of the building
dome - a round roof on a building
column - a tall stone that is used to support a building or as a decoration
treasure - very important and valuable things (e.g. paintings, sculptures, etc.)
icon - a picture of a holy person
mosaic - a or picture made by putting together a lot of small pieces of coloured stone or glass
ornament - a beautiful object
inlay - a decorative pattern made of pieces pieces of stone or glass that are put into the surface of some object
marble - a type of hard rock that is used for making buildings, statues etc.
biblical - relating to the Bible
Gothic style - a style of building which includes tall arches, windows, and columns
sumptuous - impressive and expensive
precious - very valuable and important

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