Smart Wars 9

Coat of arms — ​a design or a shield that is a special symbol of a family, city or other organization
Laundry — the process or the job of washing clothes, sheets, etc.
Court — the place where legal trials take place and where crimes, etc. are judged
Trial — a formal examination of evidence in court by a judge and often a
, to decide if somebody accused of a crime is guilty or not
Suspect — a person who is suspected of a crime or of having done something wrong
Exclaim — o say something suddenly and loudly, especially because of strong emotion or pain
Mausoleum — a special building made to hold the dead body of an important person or the dead bodies of a family
Bleach — a chemical that is used to make something become white or pale and as a disinfectant (= to prevent infection from spreading)
Die laughing — to find something extremely funny
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