Selection of coats and accessories (wl)

Cape - a usually double-breasted raincoat with deep pockets, wide belt, and often straps on the shoulders
Quilted - (especially of clothes) filled with thick soft material that is sewn in place:
Wrap - a long piece of cloth that a woman wears around her shoulders to keep her warm or for decoration
Trench coat - a long, loose coat with a belt, usually made from waterproof material (= not allowing water through) and similar in style to a military coat
Hood - part of a piece of clothing that can be pulled up to cover the top and back of the head
Fasten - to make or become firmly attached or closed
Pocket - a small bag for carrying things in, made of cloth and sewn into the inside or onto the outside of a piece of clothing
Overcoat - a long thick coat worn in cold weather
Scarf - a strip, square, or triangle of cloth, worn around the neck, head, or shoulders to keep you warm or to make you look attractive
Beanie - a small hat that fits closely to the head
Glove - a piece of clothing that is worn on the hand and wrist for warmth or protection, with separate parts for each finger
Earmuffs - a pair of small pieces of material like fur worn over the ears with a strap that goes over the head to keep them on
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