Schedule for the next week (20.12 - 26.12)

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Schedule for the next week (20.12 - 26.12)
▪️Monday 20.12
09:00 ☕️ Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda: get to know various holidays around the world
10:00 🏅Pilates with Inna
12:00 🥰 Facebuilding with Aida
13:00 🗞Daily news with Nikola
14:00 💻 Work from home tips with Vitalia
15:00 ✈️ Petersburg with Mihail: St. Isaac's square live
16:00 🎨 Painting with Heather
17:00🎄 An inside look at New York life with Charles: x-mas advantages and disadvantages
18:00 🍷 Wine tasting with Nika: Time to sparkle: learn about the sparkling wines of the world
19:00 ✈️ Online Walking Tour of Lima live: Barranco at the main park of Barranco
20:00 🎲 Alias with Vukan
21:00 🎲 Yes/no game with Gary
▪️Tuesday 21.12
10:00 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Turkish coffee with your Egyptian family
11:00 💡 D`anna knows how to make your day better: Manifesting for beginners
13:00 🗞 Daily news with Nikola
14:00 🍵 Chai massala cooking with Monty
14:00 👩‍👧‍👦Coffee with a busy mom Agnes: Stress vs. Happiness
15:00 ✈️ Walking tour in Moscow with Tanya live
16:00 🌟 Stylish Insights with Tessa: Finding your signature style
17:00 🎬 Movie review with Uros: "Parasite", "Snowpiercer, "The Martian" and "Interstellar"
18:00 🧠 How does your brain work? Find out with Marney: The Neuroendocrinology of Love/Attraction in the Brain
19:00 🏅 HIIT workout with Berk
20:00 💥 Psychology with Gordana
21:00 🗣A Wizard or a lawyer? - The debate about imagination vs. reality with Nevena
22:00🎄🎤 Write a song with Juccas
▪️Wednesday 22.12
09:00 ☕️ Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda
10:00 ♟Chess debut with Lanita
11:00 👊🏻Build your confidence with Nina
12:00 💄 Daily Make-up with Dasha
13:00🗞 Daily news with Nikola
15:00 ✈️ Excursion in Vienna with Francis live
16:00 🎄🍽 Easy cooking secrets with Rebecca: Caramel Peppermint Tart
17:00 ✈️ Walking tour in Paris with Richard live
19:00 📝 Unbelievable history with Uros: Norse, Slavic, Viking, Germanic, Celtic Mythilogy
20:00🆕🧐Explore the wetlands with Corrie
21:00⚽️ Champions League Football with Wesley
22:00 🎲 Word puzzle game with Uros
▪️Thursday 23.12
11:00 💡 D`anna knows how to make your day better: Reprogram your mind/Your imagination
12:00 🥰 Facebuilding with Aida
13:00 🗞 Daily news with Nikola
14:00👩‍👧‍👦 Coffee with a busy mom Agnes: Perfumes and skincare products or Become and Event Planner
15:00 ✈️ Walking tour in Ohrid, Macedonia with Apostolis: A walk in the Ohrid's Bazaar live
16:00 🆕✈️ Online tour Zadar Old Town with Anita live
17:00 🕺🏻Become an actor with David: Improving with Improv
18:00 📚 Read Between the Lines with Amy: philosophy of yoga
19:00 🤘🏻 Deep dive with Rick: parse the lyrics (Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones)
20:00 🎄 Finnish stories "Pikkujoulut"
21:00 🎲 Personalities game with Gary
22:00 🎲 Drawize game with Galina
▪️Friday 24.12
10:00♟Chess debut with Lanita
11:00 ☕️ Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda: different lifestyles
12:00 ✈️ Online tour India with Puneet live (45 min)
13:00 🗞 Daily news with Nikola
14:00 🎄Workshop with David
16:00 🎄 Stylish Insights with Tessa: Christmas fashion
17:00 🗺 The world is amazing, learn more with Tanya: The top countries to visit to know the ancient world
18:00 🎄🎲 X-mas edition Smart Wars with Gary
19:00 ✈️ Online Walking Tour Ecuador with Stefy live
20:00 ✈️ Online Walking tour live with Sayuri: Start in Elevador Lacerda and view of the Bay of All Saints
21:00 🎄🪕 Christmas concert on the ukulele with Wesley
22:00 💡 Build your confidence with Nina (30 min)
▪️Saturday 25.12
09:00 🥑 Veggie breakfast with Marney: Vegan Breakfasts with almost zero cook time
11:00✈️ Pilates with Inna
14:00 🎄Coffee with a busy mom Agnes
15:00 🎄✨ Craft things with Louka
16:00 🎄🔮 Explore the world of magic tricks with Artemiy: New Year Magic (in Rus)
17:00 🕺🏻 Become an actor with David
18:00 🎄📖 Bookworms Book Club with Tanya: Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol"
19:00 🆕🎄 Nevena DIY Christmas cards (2 types)

▪️Sunday 26.12
12:00 🎄🍽 Rise, shine and cook with Alex: olivYEAH!
13:00 🏅 Abs Workout and Stretching with Berk
14:00 🎲 Go game with Misha
15:00🌟 Hi! We are here, and this is our planet now with Nevena: The Martian and Avatar
16:00 🏅Yoga and meditation with Jessica
17:00 📰 Weekly news with Uros
18:00🎄🎤 Singing with Olya
19:00 🎄🍽 Cooking with Indian chef Monty: Traditional Aloo Pyaz Paneer Curry
20:00 🆕🎄✈️Online tour Rio with Tia: SANTA TERESA ART EXPERIENCE live
20:00 🆕🤗 Psychotherapy sessions with Gordana

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