Pumpkin raviolis wl

— a fine white or brown powder made from grain, especially wheat, and used in cooking for making bread, cakes, etc.
— the soft part inside some fruit and vegetables
— the part of a cooker that is like a box with a door on the front, in which food is cooked or heated
— a tool for separating solids from liquids or larger solids from smaller solids, made of a wire or plastic net attached to a ring. The liquid or small pieces pass through the net but the larger pieces do not
— to make something empty or dry by removing the liquid from it; to become empty or dry in this way
— the round yellow part in the middle of an egg
— he hard seed of a tropical tree originally from south-east Asia, used in cooking as a spice, especially to give extra taste to cakes and sauces
— a plant with flat, light green leaves that have a strong smell and are used in cooking as a herb
Rolling pin
— a wooden or glass kitchen utensil (= a tool) in the shape of a tube, used for rolling pastry flat
Cookie cutter
— an object used for cutting biscuits in a particular shape
Plastic wrap
— a thin clear plastic material that sticks to a surface and to itself, used especially for wrapping food
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