Public speaking (wl)

Award presentation - The speech which recognizes the achievements of a person, explaining the nature of the award and why the recipient is eligible for the award.
After-dinner speech - A brief, often humorous speech after a meal, containing a message that does not require radical changes in attitude or actions.
Acceptance speech - A speech expressing gratitude for a gift, award, or some other form of social recognition.
Briefing - A short informative presentation delivered in a working environment.
ceremonial speaking = (ceremonial speech) A speech given on special occasions.
Debate - A clash of opposing ideas, assessments and policy proposals on a topic of concern.
Panel discussion - A structured talk on a specific topic between a number of people in front of an audience.
Speech of acceptance - A solemn speech expressing gratitude for the honour and to those who made the achievement possible.
Speech of presentation - A speech in which a gift, award, or another form of social recognition is presented.
Toast - A short thank-you speech, usually delivered at festive dinners or meetings.
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