Description and wordlists for master classes on January 18

A detailed description of the master classes is available here:
09:00 🏅 Yoga with sunny Anna
10:00 👨‍👩‍👧 Turkish coffee with your Egyptian family
11:00 💡D`anna knows how to make your day better: Detoxing your mind
12:00 🆕✈️ Online walking tour Kyiv with Viktoria: Pechersk Lavra Monastery live (45 min)
13:00 🗞 Daily News with Uros (30 min)
15:00 ✈️ Online walking tour with Mateja: Dragon's Bridge. During the river of Ljubljanica live
16:00 ✈️ Online Walking Tour of Porto Portugal with Claudia live
17:00 🎬 Movie review with Uros: Inception, The arrival, The hobbit movies
18:00 🧠 How does your brain work? Find out with Marney: The advancements of neuroscience
18:00 🆕🍷 Wine tasting with Nika: Fabulous France/Discover France through its wines and foods
19:00 🏅 Power training with Berk
20:00 📗 What is a good book for you? Book Idioms 2 with Nevena (50 min)
20:00 🗣 Debate with Anna
21:00⚡️Unraveling the Historical Layers of Beirut: How Ottomans Changed Beirut
21:00 🤗 Psychology with Gordana: Freud`s theory
22:00 🎤 Write a song with Juccas
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