Description and wordlists for master classes on January 16

A detailed description of the master classes is available here:
11:00 ✈️ Online Walking Tour of Paphos (Cyprus) with Marney
12:00 🍽 Rise, shine and cook with Alex: Healthy bulgur salad
13:00 🏅 Streching and abs with Berk
14:00 🆕 Science Experiments You Can Do At Home
15:00 ⚡️ It’s an alien invasion! (Just not the one you’re expecting) - 3rd Rock From The Sun with Nevena
16:00 🏅Yoga and meditation with Jessica
17:00 📰 Weekly news with Uros
19:00 🍽 Cooking with a professional from India Monty: Nepali Menu: Carrot Peas Curry
20:00 🎨 Drawing with Gustav
20:00 🤗 Psychotherapy sessions with Gordana
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