Description and wordlists for master classes on December 17

A detailed description of the master classes is available here:

♟ Chess debut with Lanita: Multi-colored slots in the middlegame
at 10:00
(30 min in Rus)
✈️ Walking around the temple in Thailand and meditation with Kit
at 10:00
☕️ Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda: The art of rest
at 11:00
🗞 Daily news with Nikola
at 13:00
(30 min)
🙃 How to Have Fun At Work and Why It's Important with David
at 14:00
🆕✈️ Online Walking tour live with Sayuri: Porto da Barra - It was by the warm waters of Porto da Barra that the Portuguese
at 15.00
👩‍🦱 Stylish Insights with Tessa: Makeup styles and makeup etiquette
at 16.00
🌎 The world is amazing, learn more with Tanya: The top mysterious countries of the world
at 17.00
🎲 Mafia game with Gary
at 18:00
✈️ Walking tour in Paris with Richard
at 19:00
🍽 Asian cuisine with Monty: Nepali Dish
at 20:00
🆕🌟 Best of British: The Beatles with Wesley
at 20.00
💡 Build your confidence with Nina: Time-management (30 min)
at 22.00

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