Description and wordlists for master classes on December 03

♟ Chess debut with Lanita: Elephant vs horse. Who is stronger? at 10:00 (30 min in Rus). Details
☕️ Morning coffee with the life coach Ayanda at 11:00. Details , wordlist
🗞 Daily news with Nikola at 13:00 (30 min). Details
🧿 Good Reasons to Work Hard and Achieve Success with David at 14:00. Details , wordlist
✈️ Oslo Christmas vibes tour with Diana at 15.00. Details , wordlist
🧤 Stylish Insights with Tessa: winter essentials at 16.00. Details , wordlist
🤵🏻‍♂️ Smart Wars quiz with Gary at 18:00. Details , wordlist
🪕 Concert on the ukulele with Wesley at 19.00. Details
🍽 Cooking with a professional from India Monty at 20:00. Details , wordlist
🎨 Drawize game with Galina at 21.00. Details

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