Day cycle - the phase of a Mafia game when the participants have discussions
Night cycle - the phase of the game when the Mafia chooses their victim
Citizens - people, who live in the town
Mafia members - the enemy fraction, criminals who kill people and do illegal things
Victim - a person who was killed
Murderer - someone who killed another person
Voting - the activity in a Mafia game when the participants decide on who is guilty of killing a character
Proof - a fact that shows that something is true
Fake claim - the act of claiming a role that is not your own
Suspicious - making you feel that something illegal is happening or that something is wrong
To be guilty - to be responsible for killing another person in a Mafia game
To be innocent - not to be responsible for killing another person in a Mafia game
To suspect - to think that something is true
To accuse - to say that someone is guilty of doing something illegal
To prove - to show that something is true
To vote out - to give only few or no votes in an election so that a person loses their position of power
To justify - to prove or say that someone is not guilty
To argue - to disagree with another person, to give reasons for your opinion

When the daytime comes, you can ask:
(Name), what did you do last night?
(Name), where were you last night?
Who could prove that you were there/ were doing it?
Who can prove you innocent?
When you suspect someone, you can say:
I suspect (name).
I think she/he is lying.
She/he acts in a different way than usual.
I think she/he acts weird.
I’ve heard something from this person.
I don’t like the way she/he protects her/his position.
I could hear some noise from her/his side.
When you want to prove you are innocent, you can say:
I’m one of the citizens.
Dear citizens, you are mistaken, because …
I’m a citizen. I’m not lying!
I’m not Mafia. You are going to kill a citizen!
When you want to blame someone, you can say:
I think (name) is Mafia because …
Let’s put (name) into prison because…
I consider (name) to be Mafia.
When you don’t know who the murderer is, you can say:
I have no idea who the Mafia is.
I am sure that (name) is a citizen. But I don’t know who the Mafia is.
When you were murdered or put into prison, you can say:
My last word is …
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