Экскурсия по ферме и рисование лам

— the process of making films, videos and computer games in which drawings, models or images of people and animals seem to move
frames per second
— the rate at which consecutive images are shown on a screen in a film, cartoon or game
children’s book illustration
— a picture in a book written for children
— an American animation studio that was founded by Tom and Jerry creators in 1957
Walt Disney
— an American animator, producer, showman and writer, who is famous for creating Mickey Mouse and Donuld Duck and building Disneyland
Berenstain Bears
— children’s books and cartoons about a family of grizzly bears
Scooby Doo
— a series of cartoons and animated films about the adventures of 4 teenagers and a dog named Scooby Doo
The Flintstones
— an American animated series about The Flintstones family and their neighbours which takes place in the Stone Age
Winnie the Pooh
— a story about the teddy bear created by A. Milne. Winnie the Pooh has become a character in many books, cartoons and films
— a process of cutting somebody’s hair
— a small animal that has got six legs and a body divided into three parts (often with wings)
— an animal with one or two humps on the back which lives in the desert
— an animal with long fur and a long neck that looks like llama
Miniature Mediteranean donkey
— is a breed of donkey whose average height is about 90 centimeters
Miniature horses
— are breeds of horses defined by their small height
The Droughtmaster
— is a breed of beef-cattle from Australia
stomach compartments
— parts in which the stomach of ruminants (cows, sheeps, goats etc.) is divided
— the process of changing food in your stomach into substances your body can use
— is a sporting event that happens once in four year
— the drawing technique in which things appear smaller when they are further away from us
to hold
— to have something in your hand(s)

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