Unbelivble history with Uros: ordinary lives of ancient greeks (wl)

Heroism - the state or quality of being a hero
Mysteries - any of various rites of certain ancient Mediterranean religions, for example, the Greek Eleusinian mysteries
Sacrifice - a ritual killing of a person or animal with the intention of propitiating or pleasing a deity
Sortition - the choosing of leaders by lottery
Oligarchy - government by a small group of people
Democracy - government by the people or their elected representatives
Festival - any occasion for celebration, esp one which commemorates an anniversary or other significant event
Polis - in ancient Greece, a city-state
City-state - a state made up of an independent city and the territory directly controlled by it, as in ancient Greece
Municipal - of or having to do with a city, town, etc. or its local government
Colony - a subject territory occupied by a settlement from the ruling state
Column - an upright post or pillar usually having a cylindrical shaft, a base, and a capital
Acropolis - the citadel of Athens on which the Parthenon and the Erechtheum stand
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