Inside Flow Yoga

Repeat for both sides - do the same exercise for both sides of your body
Right hand forward - put your right hand to the front
Hand to the heart - put your hand to the centre of your chest and slightly to the left
Hand to the side - put your hand to one side
Uttanasana (forward fall) - bend forward, you can bend your knees, connect the stomach to the front of the thigh
Arm circle (quick) - rotate your arms forward, making small circles
Step back with right leg, knee to the mat - take a wide step back with your right leg while bending your knee
Mini warrior, arms in attitude - movement from ballet - one arm up, the other to the side
Lean to the left leg (half - hanuman), hug yourself - bend over to the left leg (a variation of the yoga asana Ardha - hanumanasana or half-leg split), hug yourself
Third “flying” warrior, right arm forward - a variation of yoga asana - position on one leg, right leg backward, right arm forward, body parallel to the floor, supporting knee can be bent; put your arm forward
Develoupe - movement from ballet - put your left arm forward, right arm backward, right leg forward, supporting left leg is slightly bent
Passe - movement from ballet, hands make a circle through the left side, right leg bends at the knee, toe rises above the knee
Step cross, hug yourself - take a step crosswise (with the right foot behind the left) and hug yourself
Half-moon - half moon or ardha - chandrasana (variation of yoga asana) is a standing, balancing pose
Roll-up & arms up - go up, slowly, put your arms overhead and stand on half-toes
Mountain or Tadasana - lower your arms along the body; tadasana - mountain position
Without change of sides - you don’t change sides doing the exercise
Utkatasana, arms up to the sides - utkatasana, half-crouch or invisible chair position, hands up through the sides
Malasana - Malasana (sitting position, hands on the floor, knees bent, heels raised from the floor, variation of yoga asana)
Knees to the mat, arms up - lower your knees to the mat, raise your hands up
Both hands to the heart - put both hands to the centre of your chest and slightly to the left
Open, hands to the side - open up, spread your arms out to the sides

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