Inside flow yoga

Side — either the right or left part of a person’s body, from the armpit (= where the arm joins the body) to the hip (= where the leg joins the body).
Forward — towards a place or position that is in front.
Uttanasana (forward fall) — standing forward fold.
Knee — the joint between the top and bottom parts of the leg where it bends in the middle.
Mat — a piece of thick rubber or other soft material used in some sports for people to lie on or fall onto.
Attitude — when a person puts one hand forward and the other hand to the side.
Lean — to bend or move from a straight position to a sloping position.
Hug yourself — to put your hand around your body.
Developpe — the yoga pose in which a person puts the left hand forward and the right arm back. They also put the right leg back and bend the supporting left leg.
Passe — the yoga pose in which the working leg is bent with the foot pointed to the front, side or back of the knee of the supporting leg.
Step cross — a step in which one foot is crossed over another; the action of taking such a step or steps.
Half-moon — is a standing, balancing yoga pose, variation of Ardha Chandrasana.
Roll-up & arms up — lift up your arms and your body.
Mountain or Tadasana - the yoga pose in which a person stands straight with relaxed arms beside their body.
Malasana — the yoga pose in which a person sits on the floor with hands on the floor. Their legs are bent and heels are raised.
Open — to spread out or unfold; to spread something out or unfold it.

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