Indian Masala Chai (Tea)_wl

Tablespoon (TBSP) — a large spoon that is often used to eat soup
Teaspoon (TSP) — a small spoon that is often used to mix tea or coffee
Inch — a unit for measuring length, approximately equal 2.54 centimetres
Whole milk — milk from which fat has not been removed
Cinnamon — the inner
of a south-east Asian tree, used in cooking as a , especially in sweet foods
Teabag — a small, thin paper bag containing tea leaves, which you pour boiling water onto in order to make tea
Pod — a long thin case filled with seeds that develops from the flowers of some plants, especially peas and beans
Crushed — broken into small pieces/ powder
Clove — the dried flower of a tropical tree, used in cooking as a spice, especially in sweet foods
Peppercorn — a dried berry from a tropical plant, that is ground (= broken and pressed) to make pepper
Ginger — the root of the ginger plant used in cooking as a spice
Root — the part of a plant that grows under the ground and takes in water and minerals that it sends to the rest of the plant
Pinch — the amount of something that you can hold between your finger and thumb
Saucepan — a deep round metal pot with a lid (= cover) and one long handle or two short handles, used for cooking things over heat
Strainer — a kitchen utensil (= a tool) with a lot of small holes in it, used for separating solids from liquids
Ground — cut or crushed into very small pieces or powder
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