How to create a story (wl)

Plot — the series of events that form the story of a novel, play, film, etc.
Storytelling — the activity of telling or writing stories
Skeleton — the basic outline of a plan, piece of writing, etc. to which more details can be added later
Narrative — the part of a novel that tells the story, rather than the dialogue
Script — a written text of a play, film, broadcast, talk, etc.
Character — a person or an animal in a book, play or film
Audience — a number of people or a particular group of people who watch, read, or listen to the same thing
Setting — the place and time at which the action of a play, novel, etc. takes place
Climaxthe most exciting part of a play, piece of music, etc. that usually happens near the end
Conclusion — the end of something such as a speech or a piece of writing
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