Halloween Mummy berry Homemade pies (wl)

— of average size
Wooden spoon
— a spoon made of wood
Potato masher
— a kitchen implement used to crush or mash potatoes
— a large spoon, used especially for serving food
— a small spoon for putting sugar into tea and other drinks
Cutting board
— a board made of wood or plastic used for cutting meat or vegetables on
— having a fine edge or point, especially of something that can cut or make a hole in something
Pizza cutter
— a
that is
after they are
Baking paper
— heat-resistant paper used for baking that provides a nonsticky surface.
Cooking spray
— an aerosol that contains vegetable oil for spraying on cookware to prevent food from sticking
Vanilla extract
— a flavouring made by soaking vanilla pods in alcohol, used in cooking
Turn down
— to reduce the noise, heat, etc. produced by a piece of equipment by moving its controls
— a substance that flows freely and is not a solid or a gas, for example water or oil
— to make something less or smaller in size, quantity, price, etc.; to become less or smaller in size, quantity, etc.
Puff pastry
— a type of light pastry that forms many thin layers when baked, used for making pies, cakes, etc.
— to (cause to) change from a solid, frozen state to a liquid or soft one, because of an increase in temperature
— a thick sweet soft mixture made from sugar and water, used especially to cover cakes
— a white substance that exists in large amounts in potatoes and particular grains such as rice
— to heat an oven to a particular temperature before you put food in it to cook
— to cut something into thin, flat pieces
— a flat shape with four straight sides, two of which are longer than the other two, and four angles of 90°
— to press cloth, paper, etc. into small folds
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