Daily Make-up. Easy Halloween makeup master class theme: sexy vampire.

Cat eye - the style of applying eyeliner, in which the line on the upper eyelid forms an rising line on the outer edge of the eye
Reversed - turned in the opposite direction
To blend - to combine into an integrated whole
Shimmer - a sheeny, glittery substance usually used as an eyeshadow
Matte - eliminates all signs of shine and has an even surface
Vibrant - bright and strong
Circular motions - marked by or moving in a cycle
Flat brush - a brush whose bristles are positioned so that the brush is wide enough, but not very thick
Fluffy brush - a type of a brush that has long fluffy bristles
Glitter - very small pieces of shiny material used to decorate the skin or used by children to make pictures
To outline - to draw the main shape or edge of something
To fill in - to apply colour or make-up product inside an outlined shape
False lashes - some hairs that are glued on top of a person’s upper eyelashes
Inner corners - part of the eye near the nose
Go-to - used to describe the best person, thing, or place for a particular purpose or need
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