Full face of makeup using one brand only (Essence cosmetics)

Scrub - to rub something hard in order to clean it, especially using a stiff brush, soap, and water
Remove - to take away
Sunscreen - a substance that you put on your skin to prevent it from being damaged by the sun
Moisturizer - a substance that you put on your skin to stop it from becoming dry
Foundation - a type of make-up applied before other make-up
Eyeliner - a coloured substance, usually contained in a pencil, that is put in a line just above or below the eyes in order to make them look more attractive
Eyeshadow - a coloured cream or powder that is put around the eyes to make them look larger or more attractive
Eyelid - either of the two pieces of skin that can close over each eye
Eyebrow - the line of short hairs above each eye in humans:
Concealer - a type of make-up used to hide spots or marks on the skin
Blush - a powder or cream put on the cheeks to make them look pink
Bronzer - a cream or powder that you put on your face and body to make your skin look brown from being in the sun
Gloss - a substance used to make your lips, hair, or skin appear shiny
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