Foodphoto - a photo of food taken by a photo camera
Background - the things that are behind the main things in the photo
The foreground - the part of a photo is nearest to you when you are looking at it
A close-up photo - a photo that shows the subject closer and in more detail
To reshoot the photo - to take the photo one more time
Composition - the way that people or things are arranged in a painting or photo
Props - decorations in the photo
Negative space - empty space in the photo
Storytelling - the activity of writing, telling, or reading stories
Rule of Thirds - one of the key principles of composition in photography
Rule of Odds - one of the key principles of composition in photography
Grid - one of the ROT principles in which an image is divided into 9 equal parts
Blurry - if something is blurry you cannot see clearly
To comprehend - to understand something completely
To guide the viewer’s eye - to make somebody’s eyes move in a certain direction
To keep the viewer’s attention - to make somebody continue looking at the photo
To learn through practice - to get new skill not by reading the rules, but by doing practical things
To provide resting point for eyes - let the eyes relax at some point
To work miracles - create incredible things
Retouching / Editing - making small changes to a photograph in order to improve it
Overpowering - drawing too much attention to oneself
Sharp - if an image or picture is sharp, you can see all the details very clearly
Exposure - the amount of time that light is allowed to enter the camera when taking a photograph

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