Feedback for Victoria

Thank you for attending Mafia with Gary! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and can’t wait to see you again.
Do not think that’s all! We have prepared feedback on the speaking skills you demonstrated during the game.
We’ve noticed that you willingly participated in the team discussions. It means that you are not afraid of speaking English in real life! And, of course, we’re glad that you’ve pushed Mafia back and won the game!
Here is some advice that will help you to master your English:
Use the verb ‘check’ not ‘check in’ when you talk about homework. → I was checking in the homework. The verb ‘check in’ means to go to a desk in a hotel, an airport, etc. and tell an official there that you have arrived.
Use Past Continuous (was/were + Ving) to talk about two actions which were in progress at the same time in the past → I was watching a TV show and enjoy was enjoying the evening.
When you want to describe your state using an adjective (I am happy, I am sick), don’t forget about the verb to be.
Word order: Subject+to be+adjective → I am exhausted.
We hope that our advice is useful for you!

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