Feedback for Maksim

Thank you for attending our Smart Wars#4 quiz! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and can’t wait to see you again.
Do not think that’s all! We have prepared feedback on the speaking skills you demonstrated during the game.
We’ve noticed that you took an active part in your team’s discussions and interacted well with the host.
You also showed a beautifully fluent style of speaking and helped your teammates with the spelling of some words.
Your speaking skills are fantastic but there is always room for improvement. We would like to give you a few recommendations
If you want to ask somebody to speak instead of you, you’d better say an interesting phrase “to give the floor” e.g. “I’d like to give the floor to Michael”.
The word “history” means the study of past events (like a school subject) and the word “story” is just a description of some events (a funny/long story). When we talk about the events in the film, we say “story”.
Try not to use the verb ‘to be’ together with the other main verbs in the sentence like in “We are win”. We can’t use the two main verbs ‘are’ and ‘win’ in one sentence, so you could just say “ We are the winners” or “We have won”.
You picked the word ‘inhabitant’ from the wordlist to the game and immediately started using it. It shows that you learn really fast and take full advantage of every chance to practise.
Win both in games and in language learning!

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