Feedback for Evgeniia

Thank you for attending Mafia with Gary! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and can’t wait to see you again.
Do not think that’s all! We have prepared feedback on the speaking skills you demonstrated during the game.
While speaking:
you used various grammatical forms
you mostly used appropriate vocabulary
you linked ideas together effectively

Just one thing to improve on:
Phrasal verbs always consist of a verb and a particle (wake — verb, up — particle). If we make the sentence with the phrasal verb and the object is a personal pronoun (me, you, him, us, etc.), we always put the pronoun before the particle.
For example, I can’t lift up you. → I can’t lift you up. (the pronoun ‘you’ is before the particle ‘up’)
Don’t wake up me. → Don’t wake me up.
We hope that our feedback is useful for you!
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