Feedback for Daniil

Thank you for attending our Smart Wars #5 quiz! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and can’t wait to see you again.
Do not think that’s all! We have prepared feedback on the speaking skills you demonstrated during the game.
As usual we can’t help but admit that your English level is really high. The way you structure your speech and think how to make it clear for the listeners shows how seriously you take language learning. And you’ve made great strides in it!
We’ve noticed that you’ve found difficult the pronunciation of the the word ghost /ɡəʊst/ in GhostBusters. The rule is easy: when gh is at the beginning of a word, or at the beginning of a stressed syllable (e.g. spaghetti /spəˈɡet.i/), it is always pronounced /g/ (ghastly /ˈɡɑː
By the way, have you already watched this film in English? :)
Win both in games and in language learning!

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