Endurance Mountain Biking with Corrie

mountain bike - a type of sturdy bicycle with at least 16 and up to 21 gears, straight handlebars, and heavy-duty tyres
endurance - ability to stand pain, distress, fatigue, etc.; fortitude
rider - a person that rides a bicycle
remote area - Remote areas are far away from cities and places where most people live, and are therefore difficult to get to.
glove - any of various large protective hand covers worn in sports
saddle - a seat for a rider, usually made of leather, placed on a horse's back and secured with a girth under the belly
wheel - a circular frame or disk arranged to revolve on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery
cross-country - the sport of cross-country running, skiing, riding, or motoring
lightweight - of a relatively light weight
gravel - an unconsolidated mixture of rock fragments that is coarser than sand
terrain - ground or a tract of ground, esp. with regard to its natural or topographical features or fitness for some use

Definitions of from the Collins English Dictionary [
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