Debate: Learning to stand up for a point of view

Case — a set of facts or arguments that support one side in a trial, a discussion, etc.
Motion — a suggestion made, discussed, and voted on at a meeting.
Objective — something that you are trying to achieve.
Clash — an argument between two people or groups of people who have different beliefs and ideas.
Value — the importance or worth of something for someone.

Expressing your personal opinion
It seems to me that…
I’m absolutely convinced that…
In my opinion,…
From my point of view…
As I see it…
Personally, I believe/suppose/feel (that)…

Expressing pros and cons
There are two sides to the question.
On the one hand…,on the other hand…
An argument for/ in favour of/ against if…
Some people think that…,others say that…

Expressing disagreement
I don’t agree with you about…
I take a different view.
I don’t think that’s quite right.
I have a different opinion.
That’s not always true.

Expressing agreement
You’re quite right.
I agree with you.
I couldn’t agree with you more.
I have no objection.
I have the same opinion as …
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