Daily Make-up

Blush - a powder or cream put on the cheeks to make them look pink
Mascara - makeup used to make eyelashes appear darker and thicker
Eye shadow - a colored cream or powder that is put around the eyes to make them look larger or more attractive
Eye pencil - pencil for applying makeup around the eyes
Lip gloss - a kind of makeup for lips that adds shine and enhances color
Lipstick - a kind of makeup that is put on the lips to improve or change their colour
Shimmer - to shine with a soft light that changes strength
Matte - used to describe a surface or color or paint that is not shiny
Color correcting - the technique of using colorful primers, powders, and concealers to correct issues with your skin tone
Set with - to put something in a particular place or position
Even out - to make the differences between objects become smaller
Skin tone - the colour of the surface of someone's skin
Apples of cheeks - the bright and rounded areas of the face just below the eyes
Cheekbones - bones at the top of your cheeks, just below your eyes and towards your ears
Contour - to draw the main shape or edge of something
Brush up - to make something clean
Lengthen - to make something longer
Blinding - extremely bright
Subtle - not bright, noticeable, or obvious
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