Cooking Oatmeal banana pancakes

Tablespoon (tbsp) — a large spoon that is often used to eat soup.
Teaspoon (tsp) — a small spoon that is often used to mix tea or coffee.
Ripe — fully grown and ready to be eaten.
Rolled oats — oats that have had their shells removed before being crushed (= broken and pressed), used especially for making porridge.
Vanilla extract — a flavouring made by soaking vanilla pods in alcohol, used in cooking.
Baking powder — a mixture of powders that are used to make cakes rise and become light as they are baked.
Ground — cut or crushed into very small pieces or powder.
Whisk — a kitchen utensil (= a tool) for mixing eggs, etc. very fast.
Spatula — a tool with a broad flat part that is not sharp, used for mixing and spreading things, especially in cooking and painting.
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