Cooking HalloWIN easy cookies (wl)

Unsalted — (especially of food) without added salt
Melted — having turned soft or into a liquid
Slightly — a little
Tablespoon — a large spoon, used especially for serving food
Teaspoon — a small spoon for putting sugar into tea and other drinks
Vanilla extract — a flavouring made by soaking vanilla pods in alcohol, used in cooking
Pumpkin — a large round vegetable with thick orange skin. The seeds can be dried and eaten and the soft part inside can be cooked as a vegetable or in sweet pies
Puree — food in the form of a thick liquid made by pressing and mixing fruit or cooked vegetables in a small amount of water
Boiled — (of food) cooked in water that is boiling
All-purpose flour — wheat flour that is suitable for cooking a lot of different dishes
Baking powder — a powder used as a leavening agent in making baked goods (such as quick breads) that typically consists of sodium bicarbonate, an acidic substance (such as cream of tartar), and starch or flour
Baking soda — a white powder used to make foods rise when they are baked
Ground — (of food) cut or crushed into very small pieces or powder
Cinnamon — the inner bark of a south-east Asian tree, used in cooking as a spice, especially in sweet foods
Pumpkin pie spice — a mix of spies including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves

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