Cooking Butter Chicken/Paneer/Tofu

Tablespoon (TBSP) — a large spoon that is often used to eat soup
Teaspoon (TSP) — a small spoon that is often used to mix tea or coffee
Inch — a unit for measuring length, approximately equal 2.54 centimetres
Bay leaf — a leaf from a bay tree, often dried and used in cooking to add flavour
Pod — a long thin case with seeds inside that grows on different plants (peas, beans)
Pinch — the amount of something that you can hold between your finger and thumb
Clove — spice from dried unopened flower bud of the clove tree; used whole or ground
Handful — the amount of something that can be held in one hand
Dice — to cut food into small square pieces
Cashew nut — the small curved nut of the tropical American cashew tree, used in cooking and often eaten salted with alcoholic drinks
Smoked — dried and cured by hanging in wood smoke
Ginger — the spicy root of a tropical plant that is used in cooking or preserved in sugar, or a powder made from this root, used as a spice
Slit — to make a long narrow cut or opening in something
Mace — the dried outer layer that covers nutmegs (= the hard nuts of a tropical tree), used in cooking as a spice
Heavy cream — thick cream with a big amount of fat
Tongs — a tool with two long parts that are joined at one end, used for picking up and holding things
Fenugreek — aromatic seeds used as seasoning especially in curry
Stirring spoon — a spoon that is used in cooking to mix ingredients
Strainer — a kitchen utensil (= a tool) with a lot of small holes in it, used for separating solids from liquids
Thigh — the top part of the leg of a chicken, etc., cooked and eaten
Breast — the front part of a bird’s body
Seasoning — a substance used to add taste to food, especially salt and pepper
Dash — a small amount of something that is added to something else
Root — the part of a plant that grows under the ground and takes in water and minerals that it sends to the rest of the plant
Peel — to take the outer layer off fruit, vegetables, etc.
Drain — to make something empty or dry by removing the liquid from it; to become empty or dry in this way
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