Cooking Apple pie (wl)

Stand mixer — an electric kitchen device for heavy duty mixing with dough hook, beating whip, wire whisk, a beaten bowl
Hand mixer — an electric kitchen device with a set of beaters used for whipping, beating or combining ingredients
Measuring cup — a metal or plastic container used especially in the US for measuring quantities when cooking
Tablespoon — a large spoon, used especially for serving food
Teaspoon — a small spoon for putting sugar into tea and other drinks
Tin opener — a kitchen utensil (= a tool) for opening tins of food
Wooden spoon — a spoon made of wood, used in cooking for stirring and mixing
Cooking spray — an aerosol that contains vegetable oil for spraying on cookware to prevent food from sticking
Sharp — having a fine edge or point, especially of something that can cut or make a hole in something
Spatula — a tool with a broad flat part that is not sharp, used for mixing and spreading things, especially in cooking and painting
Scrape — to remove something from a surface by moving something sharp and hard like a knife across it
Flour — a fine white or brown powder made from grain, especially wheat, and used in cooking for making bread, cakes, etc.
Baking powder — a mixture of powders that are used to make cakes rise and become light as they are baked
Cinnamon — the inner bark of a south-east Asian tree, used in cooking as a spice, especially in sweet foods
Tin — a metal container in which food is sold; the contents of one of these containers
Sliced — cut into flat pieces
Dough — a mixture of flour, water, etc. that is made into bread and pastry

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