Coffee with a busy mom Summer in Europe (wl)

Vacation — a period of time spent travelling or resting away from home
Holiday resort (destination) — a where a lot of people go on holiday, usually one with a lot of hotels, bars, and restaurants
Located — if something is located in a particular place, it exists there or has been put there
Situated — in a particular place or position
Must-see (place) — a place or film considered to be essential to visi
or see
Resort — a place where a lot of people go on holiday
Region — one of the areas that a country is divided into, that has its own customs and/or its own government
Island — a piece of land that is completely surrounded by water
Explore — to travel to or around an area or a country in order to learn about it
Cruise — a journey by sea, visiting different places, especially as a holiday
Hiking — the activity of going for long walks in the country for pleasure
Trekking — the activity of walking long distances on foot for pleasure
Skydiving — a sport in which you jump from a plane and fall for as long as you safely can before opening your parachute

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