Caramel Peppermint Tart

large bowl x2
wooden spoon
measuring cup
silicone baking spatula
electric Mixer (hand or stand mixer)
25cm rectangular dish
teaspoon (tsp)
chopping board

Ingredients (serves 6)
1 packet biscuits (200g)
1 can (360g) caramel
2 cups (500ml) cream
200g peppermint chocolate
2 tsp lemon juice

Line a small rectangular dish with biscuits.
Place caramel in a mixing bowl and stir until smooth.
Whip cream to stiff peaks.
Fold cream into caramel and grate two Peppermint Crisps into mixture.
Spread a generous amount of the caramel mixture evenly over the layer of biscuits.
Add another layer of biscuits and repeat the layer of caramel. Repeat layering with remaining ingredients, ending with a layer of caramel.
Refrigerate for an hour or until set.
Bash remaining Peppermint Crisps and sprinkle over just before serving.
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