Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue

Wonder — to think about something and try to decide what is true, what will happen, what you should do, etc.
Folk — people in general
Rough — difficult and unpleasant
Due — a thing that should be given to somebody by right
Abandon — to leave a thing or place, especially because it is impossible or dangerous to stay
Split up — if a group of people split up or are split up, they go away in different directions.
Spell — a period of time doing something or working somewhere
Axe — a tool with a wooden handle and a heavy metal blade, used for cutting up wood, cutting down trees, etc.
Escape — to get away
Spotlight — a light with a single, very bright beam that can be directed at a particular place or person, especially a performer on the stage
Mutter — to speak or say something in a quiet voice that is difficult to hear, especially because you are annoyed about something
Tie — to make a knot in a piece of string, rope, etc.
Lace — a long thin piece of material like string that goes through the holes on a shoe and is used to fasten it
Pipe — a narrow tube with a bowl at one end, used for smoking tobacco
Glow — to produce a steady light that is not very bright
Slave — a person who is owned by another person and is forced to work for and obey them
Withdrawn — not wanting to talk to other people; extremely quiet and shy
Carpenter — a person whose job is making and repairing wooden objects and structures
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